Day 009 – How curiosity contributes to excellence

I hadn’t planned to get into this topic quite so soon, but I have just read something about the associate music director of the Broadway musical Hamilton that jumped out at and prodded me. The musical director, Alex Lacamoire, described his associate this way, “One of my favorite traits of Kurt’s is that he’s always watching, listening, observing [emphasis mine]. You never need to say anything twice to Kurt—he just gets it. As a music director there is nothing more important you’d want from your co-pilot.”

My interpretation is that Kurt’s “watching, listening, observing” is a form of lived curiosity about his chosen field, music, and I strongly suspect that the curiosity has contributed to the fact that this young man (he must be in his early 30s) has achieved such a high level and was handpicked by Lacamoire for the job.

If you are also a blogger, why did you start your blog, for example? And especially for those of us who blog in our spare time, how do we sustain the discipline of writing often and doing what else is necessary to make our blogs good? The answer, to a large degree, I think, is curiosity about (and interest in) our topic. That curiosity—along with a desire to communicate about what we have discovered and a certain tenacity—also helps us get better and better, just like the associate musical director of Hamilton.


3 thoughts on “Day 009 – How curiosity contributes to excellence

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