Day 012 – What would bring me pleasure today?

Happy Monday! Or not, as the case may be.

May I introduce you today to a question a very good coach suggested I ask myself every day: Worauf habe ich heute Lust? It’s not so easy to translate, but in English it is approximately: What would bring me pleasure today?

What does this have to do with curiosity, you may ask. It works best if you wait for the answer with curiosity, not trying to force yourself into a particular answer. The first time I did this was with some trepidation. I was more than a little afraid that the answer would come back “Eating a really big piece of chocolate cake.” Instead the answer was (believe it or not) “Get outdoors and get some exercise.” I did and got real pleasure out of it.

For today, Monday, I offer you this question and wish you lots of curiosity as you await the answer. May you find something truly pleasurable through the exercise!


One thought on “Day 012 – What would bring me pleasure today?

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