Day 016 – Difficulties

Yesterday I wrote about a kind of curiosity that comes easily to me (“What kind of ____ is that?”), mentioning that there are other kinds that do not. One kind I find really difficult is the one described under The River, the kind that is one reason I started this blog. Is it partly a cultural thing? I was raised in the USA where we learn that you can do anything if you really want it and work hard enough (the American Dream premise). That approach is the opposite, it seems to me, of living one’s life like a river. I have great trouble letting going and seeing what unfolds and get too wrapped up in what I am doing to “make things happen”. I can’t help thinking I’ve overlooked—and maybe downright missed—a lot of wonders in my life because of that.

I have no idea yet what to do about that. But then I still have 349 days to go. 😉


One thought on “Day 016 – Difficulties

  1. Victoria Wang

    I’m still very much on the fence about the idea that if you work hard enough you can achieve anything you want. I mean it’s nice in theory, but in practice I just don’t think everyone has the same possibilities and capabilities, both intrinsic and, of course, extrinsic. This article ( on the Science website caught my attention yesterday; it is suggesting that, at least in scientific careers, a few “geniuses” are advantaged over good, hard-working students…



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