Day 021 – Drawing class week one

What was it like? A group of nine students and a teacher gathered in a small room in the lingering September warmth. On the table at the center of the room was a collection of ordinary objects, and for the next two hours we drew, with a focus on shapes. The teacher exhorted us to “find the shapes that live within the object.” As we went on, we learned by doing that it helps to start with a line down the middle so the size and proportions are clearer. Then we were told to “feather” our lines and choose the line we liked the best out of all the possibilities. (I rather liked this piece of advice.) The teacher circulated and helped each person with individual advice and example.

One of my goals in taking the course, as mentioned elsewhere, is to learn to see differently, and I can imagine that happening. Looking closely at objects and trying to reproduce them automatically did cause me to see them differently—and without judgment. One object I chose to draw was a soup can, not perhaps the thing of greatest beauty, but I didn’t think about that until afterwards. I simply saw it as a challenge and a chance to practice.

Next week we move on to organic, and therefore asymmetrical, objects. I’ll report again then.


5 thoughts on “Day 021 – Drawing class week one

  1. Blake

    I loved this post! One of my goals, when the work-family-house-garden tasks slow somewhat, is to return to water color painting. For the last few years, this has been a “vacation only” pursuit — though every year, as vacation comes to an end, I vow to continue painting at home. I do love how it makes me look at things (and I mostly have done still lives) differently. I picked up a book some years back, the title of which I loved: Vibrant Matter. This is what I think I see better when I paint — or even think about painting.


  2. Blake

    (Sorry! I hit the wrong button somehow and my reply was sent before I had quite finished)

    For a splendid — and hilarious! — example of the creativity of artists — of their ability to look with fresh eyes and to see the possibilities in even the most prosaic of things and situations, have a look at this website: I came across it some years back when I was searching for some images of xenia to illustrate a lecture and have returned many times. What an ability to see — and to be curious. Her “stitching spider webs” series is also quite amazing.


    1. ecbinvienna Post author

      Thank you, first of all, so much for reading and, secondly, for the recommendations. I fear I won’t get around to reading what looks like a very interesting book–my list is already longer than I could hope to read in a lifetime–but the self-portraits are wonderfully creative, and I love the idea of mending spider webs! One other course (just one hour, though) scheduled for next month is “Mindful Improv”. In a way, the self-portraits done with what she could find in the bathroom is a great example of improvisation in the Fine Arts.


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