Day 028 – Drawing class 02

Is the  drawing class really helping me practice curiosity,  as I wanted it to? Yes,  in two ways. First of all, I usually know very little about what we  will be doing–today I  knew we would be working on organic,  and therefore asymmetrical,  shapes (which didn’t tell me much)–and so, perforce go in in a state of curiosity. Secondly, the  drawing itself–trying to  find out,  for example,  what shapes “live” in objects–requires me to look closely with curiosity and really notice. In fact, our teacher was demonstrating something this evening and suddenly started erasing some lines  he had drawn. “No autopilot,” he said. “If I had really looked at that I would have seen it is straight there,  not rounded.” And as he said later,  looking–thank heavens–at someone else’s drawing, “You got a couple of lines wrong and then the whole thing looks funny.”

Onward. 🙂


2 thoughts on “Day 028 – Drawing class 02

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