Day 037 – Curiosity and impatience

This is one of those spontaneous posts. Some of the others have a certain rhythm—like the reports on my drawing class—or build on what came directly before like the “series” on Inquiry, but this one is coming out of the blue.

Today I had to laugh at myself. I found myself getting really impatient. I mean, I’ve been writing this blog for over a month already. Why am I not more successful at being curious? Grrrrr! The irony that my very impatience could get in the way and make being curious all the harder hit me very quickly. I believe, and over a month of writing this blog has not changed my mind, that it takes time to be curious. It’s one of the things that makes practicing curiosity in today’s world really difficult. Time is not something most of us have a lot of.

So—I’ll take a step back, go out this afternoon with my dog, that excellent example of curiosity lived, and sniff at the bushes (so to speak) openly and without judgment.


2 thoughts on “Day 037 – Curiosity and impatience

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