Day 038 – Baby steps in Inquiry

Today I did it. When I started to get into a wrangle with a friend (oddly, about what constitutes proper business attire in the state of Vermont), I stopped, composed myself, and started practicing Inquiry. I didn’t make it through the whole Ladder of Inference, but I managed the Data Selection step asking, “What examples do you have in mind?” At first she didn’t want to continue the conversation (I can only think that something in my tone of voice was more challenging then I meant it to be—remember, Inquiry is above all a state of mind). However, when I said I really wanted to know, she told me she was thinking of people who have made a success of their small businesses and been written up in Vermont Life. I didn’t feel the need to go further because that already cleared up for me why we disagreed. I was drawing on a different pool of small businesspeople but could understand immediately why her selection made sense to her. A small success! 🙂


2 thoughts on “Day 038 – Baby steps in Inquiry

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