Day 044 – Curiosity and map-making

A few days ago (10 October 2016) the BBC World news carried an interview with a man who makes (paper) maps—a dying profession you may think. He talked about how he sees map-making as an art first, that a map should be attractive and make people want to explore. Then he talked about what he saw as the dangers of Google Maps and GPS systems. He fears what happens when we don’t have a sense of the greater context of an area, when we constantly zero in on the one spot we are looking for (as most of us do when using Google Maps or similar apps). With GPS it goes even further—we see our route as a more or less straight line, simply a path from A to B. It suggests we’re concerned about getting from our starting point to our destination as efficiently as possible. I found this idea of context and seeing the wider picture really interesting, and it struck me that the kind of focus and efficiency he mentioned—useful as they undoubtedly are at times—can be a real curiosity inhibitor.

5 thoughts on “Day 044 – Curiosity and map-making

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      1. ruhenhoque

        No problem, thank you for your post though. It was interesting, I have just completed a random fantasy map. So judging the features was an interesting experience.


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