Day 045 – More on impatience and curiosity

I recently wrote about how I thought my impatience could, ironically, get in the way of learning and practicing curiosity. (Why has my blog not yet made me more curious?!?) A few days ago, I noticed another way in which my impatience gets in my way.

I was in a waiting room. I knew I would be there for a few hours so I decided to take the opportunity to practice drawing, working on some artificial plants they had. Almost immediately, I started to get impatient with all the details in my chosen subject. Getting the overall shape was, for the most part, fine—but adding in the veins and the fronds and the serration on the leaves (and everything else that makes them actually look like plants)? Argh! Did I say I signed up for that particular drawing course because it was called “Learn to See, Learn to Draw” and I wanted to learn how to see differently? I must have been mad! 😉 So here I am, starting to see and explore objects differently and finding I haven’t (yet) got the patience to deal with all the extras I am now seeing.

Just one of those stepping stones on the way to relaxed curiosity—I hope!


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