Day 046 – Remembering

Perhaps you recall that the reason I started this blog was accountability. I wanted to remember to practice curiosity, and this was a method I hadn’t tried yet of reminding myself daily.

I’ve already mentioned that I carry around an A4 sheet of paper with the word CURIOSITY on it. I have written the need for more curiosity into my own commandments (#2: Meet what comes in life with curiosity). I have been making notes on my phone and in a curiosity notebook. What I forgot to mention was that, along with a few other habits I want to develop, I write “practice curiosity” on my daily to-do list in red ink. The red ink reminds me that these are items I cannot make up. If I don’t do them today, the opportunity is lost. (My neck and shoulder stretches, for example, are also on that list.) My curiosity practice still quite often got lost in the shuffle.

When I started this blog I was pleased to see that I was checking “curiosity practice” off every single day. After all, I was writing and posting something daily. A few weeks in, though, I realized I couldn’t in good conscience check off “curiosity practice” simply because I was thinking and writing about curiosity. Those two activities do not automatically constitute practice. So now I have an extra point on my list of “red-letter items”—“blog post” in addition to “practice curiosity”. And slowly but surely I am becoming more aware of when I do practice, when I don’t practice, and even in the moment of my desire to practice.

Remembering to do something is half the battle. (And, boy, does real change take time and effort!)

3 thoughts on “Day 046 – Remembering

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