Day 049 – Drawing class report 05

My day yesterday started off with a series of errands to run and somehow I got lost in this small city where my parents have lived for almost 25 years and I (sort of) lived many decades ago for four years. I not only got completely turned around. I lost all sense of curiosity. I didn’t care what I was seeing or experiencing. I closed down entirely and, stressed out, just wanted to get where I was going. (Ironically, if I had paid more attention the last time I was in that part of town, I would have had landmarks and would have found my way much more quickly and without stopping to ask directions. Another story.)

I was so frustrated by my total relapse into tension and tunnel vision, that I decided I would counteract it by doing my imagine-what’s-coming exercise when I went to drawing class this evening. It did slow me down (in a good way) as I walked to class and made me more aware of the surroundings. One immediate benefit was that I did not hurt our teacher who for some reason was standing right behind the door to the building as I opened it. I sensed his presence very quickly and was able to stop. One point for paying more attention and being more curious. 🙂

In class itself we were working on drawing boxes (as our teacher described it), an exercise in perspective. This is practically pure curiosity at this stage because if you don’t really look and get the angles and other points right, you do not end up with a recognizable box on your paper. Two hours of “Which direction is that line going in and how long is it?” Result: A couple of boxes that almost look like boxes. 😉



4 thoughts on “Day 049 – Drawing class report 05

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