Day 054 – The Fives Senses Exercise Revisited

One thing I find helpful in practicing curiosity is to compare things. How is this current experience like something else or different from it or like my expectations or different from them? It gives me a starting point for exploring the experience.

Something I’ve started to do, since I walk every day in the woods where I first did the Five Senses Exercise, is stop in the same place each day and go through the five steps. In this part of the world, it is worthwhile because there is a big difference between the beginning of September and the middle to end of October. In fact, there is enough difference each day to keep it interesting.

Changes I noticed this morning, compared to September?

  • I still saw a little bit of green but far more yellow. No sun dapples on this rainy autumn morning and instead of a path thickly covered with pine needles a path buried under the fallen leaves.
  • Rather than the hush of a summer afternoon I heard the drops of rain as they hit the remaining leaves and then dripped to earth, also the sound of my dog foraging in the woods, wading through the leaf cover.
  • No question about the chill in the air and the pervasive dampness without. My feet in particular noticed the difference. Within I felt, rather than peace, a kind of anticipation, invigoration, and a deep sense of gratitude at the beauty as well as at the fact it’s Sunday and therefore a day of rest for me.
  • Interesting was that I smelled the pine trees again after days of not smelling them. It was not as heady as in the summer but nonetheless distinct. It was joined by the slightly spicy scent of autumn.
  • Taste? Well, it was early and I hadn’t brushed my teeth yet so there was a sort of morning taste. Luckily not too strong. 😉

5 thoughts on “Day 054 – The Fives Senses Exercise Revisited

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