Day 056 – Drawing class report 06

Today in my art class I found I needed intentional curiosity to give me the courage to branch out and try something new. After five sessions of drawing with ordinary Number 2 or HB pencils, we each were allowed to use a box with 12 pencils of different hardness and encouraged to use them to record light and shadow. You may remember that when we spent a whole class session on value—the graded shades of darkness to light—I discovered that I have great trouble seeing the differences. Now I was supposed to do it with fancier pencils, which presumably meant I was supposed to come out with a better picture at the end. The pressure! 😉

It took me quite a long time to move away from the Number 2 pencil, but finally I decided that it didn’t matter how things turned out. The important thing in this lesson was to experiment with the new tools and to find out what kinds of effects they could create. I managed the first part of that assignment. I’m still not sure about the effects and how to get the look that I want, but then it is only Day 06 and before this I could have sworn I couldn’t draw at all. At least I had fun trying things out. And good thing that we still had our erasers.

2 thoughts on “Day 056 – Drawing class report 06

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