Day 059 – Inquiry example 02

I’m still working on developing my Inquiry skills and would like to share a recent attempt, in which I ask questions to understand the value of Inquiry itself. (Pretty tricky, huh?)

1 – Statement to explore: “Inquiry is an essential skill in the 21st century.” [A statement I do, in fact, believe.]

Some sample questions (starting at the bottom and all directed at simply understanding how the speaker sees it):

5 – Actions: What, in your opinion, do we need to do to spread the use of Inquiry?

4 – Conclusions: What do you think it takes to live well in the 21st century?

3 – Added meanings: How do you see those points fitting together? / What do you think happens when we don’t practice Inquiry?

2 – Data Selection: What is Inquiry to you? / What do you see as the characteristics of the 21st century?


Then, of course, I need to listen openly to what the speaker says, in the true spirit of Inquiry and curiosity!


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