Day 063 – Drawing class report 07

Interesting how when I think I have started to understand something (in this case the basic principles of drawing) I get lazy about curiosity. And then I don’t do as well. Today we each set up our own still life and started drawing. I chose three objects, set them up fairly quickly, and sat down to draw. Perhaps I wasn’t looking all that carefully or perhaps I chose a couple of things that were difficult to draw (our teacher did suggest that trying to draw a shell head-on is unusual), but suddenly my work looked like it had before our first class. Luckily, the teacher was there to remind me of some of the basic principles like “Find the shapes that live within the object” and “Feather your lines” and things got better. What you see below is what came out after his reminders.

Next week we continue with still lifes and then the course is over. I’ll be sorry to have it end. I’ve really enjoyed meeting up every Tuesday and learning different principles of drawing and composition, and having a built-in chance to practice curiosity.

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