Day 067 – Another naturalist’s curiosity

One of the  wonderful things about writing this blog is that friends and family members contribute  ideas and sometimes even whole books. A dear cousin sent me a  copy of one of his favorite books, Tracker, in the hope that it might help in my curiosity quest. (By the way, I love his expression “curiosity  quest”.)

It’s a fascinating story I probably would not have come across otherwise about a man, Tom Brown, Jr., who started his training to be a tracker with an old Apache when he was a boy of eight and now has his own world-famous tracking school. I was hooked in the first chapter when he described, over two pages, in detail, going out just after a moderate snowfall to buy some  milk, finding the tracks of a Junco [kind of  bird] and following the tracks around the neighborhood  only to land back at his own birdfeeder where he “sat down to watch him [the bird] pecking-watching-pecking-watchingpeckingwatching-pecking-watching, until someone finally came out of the house and asked me where the milk was.”

Curiosity in all its glory and with some of its pitfalls!

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