Day 077 – No more drawing classes

No more drawing classes. 😦 I started the class because in this Year of Living Curiously I wanted to do something new and also wanted to learn, as was promised in the course title, to see things differently. It wasn’t meant to become a part of my life, but now I have a sense I’m going to miss my drawing class more than I thought.

First of all, I simply found it restful, in an oddly stimulating way. I always left our class feeling more energized than when I went but with a calm, pleasant energy.

I liked the stretch of doing something new and the impression that I was getting better. On the last day of class, for example, I realized that in eight short weeks I had a new feeling—not just a new understanding—of how to show the curve of a three-dimensional object in spite of the two dimensions we worked in. I thought my shell, for example, came out much better in the end.


Why don’t I just keep drawing even though the class is over? I probably will. But a couple of things supported me in trying out this new activity and benefiting from it as much as I did:

  • A skilled and supportive teacher
  • A group to work with (we didn’t talk much but we were all there together working on the same thing)
  • Having the materials and subjects at hand
  • Getting the help I needed when I needed it

That’s not so easy to replace. Ah, well, I’m very, very glad I had the experience.

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