Day 084 – Learning by doing

Yesterday I wrote about Kolb’s Experiential Learning Cycle, which made me think of someone I know who taught himself how to sing—and managed to become a fairly well-known professional singer in the classical music world.

How did he do it? He simply made sure that he went through all four stages of the Kolb Cycle. (I’m not sure he is familiar with the Kolb Cycle, but he did behave in accordance with it.) He recorded what he was singing, then listened to the tape and analyzed what was going well and what was going less well, chose something to work on to make it better, and tried again. (Concrete experience – Reflective observation – Abstract conceptualization – Active experimentation) I don’t think that works over a long period of time without a very high level of curiosity. Where would the motivation even come from if he weren’t really curious? And how else would he avoid the trap of reaching a judgement too soon and shutting down the whole process?

Even today I am in amazement at what he managed to do.


One thought on “Day 084 – Learning by doing

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