Day 085 – Curiosity and gratefulness

As today is Thanksgiving in the U.S., where I am at the moment, I thought I would share the following link to an article about how to feel grateful even when you aren’t “in a good place”:

The exercise described in this article by author Victoria Maxwell (quoted below) is about identifying how being grateful feels:

“1) Close your eyes. You probably already got this but don’t do this while you’re driving. Sit (or stand) somewhere when you have time on your own. It can be in your home, or while waiting for the bus even (I don’t recommend the grocery line, it can a bit unnerving for the cashier and other shoppers).

2) Take a deep breath in (and out in case you’re wondering).

3) Say or visualize the word ‘gratitude’ in your mind.

4) Focus on your body – watch, is there tension when you focus on that word?

5) Breathe and relax a little deeper.

6) Mentally review things, occurrences, people, places that you have experienced in the last 24 hours, the last week or two, or even the course of your life. Ask yourself what or who do you feel gratitude for? This is the tricky and sneaky part: let your mind review items you ‘think’ you are grateful for and then as you see the item in detail, see if that translates into inklings of gladness or some small bubble of positive emotions.”

It made me think of the exercise I mentioned earlier on being curious about one’s feelings. The first time I did what Maxwell recommends and mentally reviewed (with curiosity, goes without saying) the previous 24 hours, I didn’t have to go far . I remembered doing my daily Salutation to the Sun and immediately felt gratitude for my body being able to do, and get pleasure out of, that simple yoga exercise.

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