Day 087 – Curiosity and family occasions (2)

I realize my post yesterday may have sounded a little cryptic so I would like to assure everybody that we had a really nice family Thanksgiving. I’m aware, though, that I otherwise lead a fairly quiet life with a lot of one-to-one conversations but not a  lot of discussion around the dinner table with a number of people talking at once, so I need some help to keep up and also to not to get too exhausted at family get-togethers.

Curiosity helped. After almost three months of practicing curiosity and thinking more about it, I was able to call on a  state of openness just for the pleasure of finding out more about whatever the topic of conversation was, without feeling any particular need to influence  what the person was saying or the direction the talk was taking. I enjoyed our time together the way I would wish to and learned a lot about  what is going in various family members’ lives and minds.

Three cheers  for curiosity!


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