Day 103 – Gratitude and curiosity

I have arrived safely as has my suitcase, so the cause for gratitude is clear. The connection to curiosity may need some explaining. I read about a really nice exercise on someone else’s blog. I’ve never found the post again, but I remember the general idea. You take one thing you are grateful about and trace it back to its origins, thanking each person or factor as you go.

In the example I read, the person was giving thanks for his or her breakfast bread. The baker who sold it to him was an easy step, but the person went through each step including the farmers who had grown the grain right down to the soil, sun, and rain. What would this look like for my trip? I will need a mega-dose of curiosity to think of even half the people and factors that made it possible.

To get a start: the pilots, flight attendants, ground support crew with a special mention of the baggage handlers, the Wright Brothers and Charles Lindbergh, the engineers who designed the plane, the people who built it, the people who created the materials like aluminum (are planes made of aluminum?), the earth for the metals and minerals, etc. OK– more on that later.

2 thoughts on “Day 103 – Gratitude and curiosity

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