Day 109 – How does this thing work? (2)

Yesterday, as I waited with my dog at the tram stop with lightness in my heart after a visit to the vet (it’s nothing serious :-)), I had the chance to observe a delivery to the supermarket across the street and figure out how it worked. First of all,  the  truck needed a huge parking space because the driver used the back gate as an elevator floor. He had a mini forklift he used to get three huge palettes loaded with goods onto the multifunctional gate, then touched (sometimes stomped on) a button on the floor so that it would descend. I wondered why there was a block of wood on the asphalt and then saw that it was to keep the gate / elevator floor even with the sidewalk so that he could easily move the palettes onto the sidewalk and so into the store. “Easily” is perhaps the wrong word, though, as  it was clear he still needed a fair amount of strength to do this and a lot of coordination.

I found it really interesting and it helped me pass the time well until the tram arrived. Above all, I was satisfied that I had learned something new,  even though I doubt I will ever need to use it for anything. It  was fun.


One thought on “Day 109 – How does this thing work? (2)

  1. Andy

    Watching someone doing a job which I hadn’t known about, or hadn’t observed before, is one of my favorite things! ( I thought of saying “favorite pastimes”, but I have to work too!). Sometimes the observation leads to an appreciation for the effort involved in accomplishing some task. And sometimes there’s a window into human ingenuity: someone making deliveries with a truck like the one you were watching had thought, “if I had a brick, or a block of wood, that was just the right thickness to put on the pavement, the truck tailgate would stop at just the right height to match the sidewalk”. The presence of the block of wood on the truck (it was brought by the driver?) would have been a mystery, if you hadn’t seen the delivery process. Ingenuity /creativity can be applied to modest activities, as well as on large ones. If there had to be just one thing I could celebrate, it would be human creativity applied to constructive purposes.

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