Day 122 – Other ways down the rabbit hole

As you can tell, I’ve become really interested in this idea about the rabbit hole. A few evenings ago I was listening to the radio while cooking dinner. In Austria, we have a really good station for going down the rabbit hole—Ö1. Although they air a lot of music as well, they focus a great deal on talk radio, covering (for me) really interesting topics like Robert Burns and how Scotland inspired central European poetry and music. (Haydn arranged something like 300 Scottish folksongs for voice and piano trio. He had so much success with the first 150, he did a second batch.)

A few evenings ago the show was about time, bringing in tidbits about clocks, and the history of time as a social construct, and how the moon affects the tides and the future can run into the past. To paraphrase Graslie: How can you be curious about something you’ve never thought to be curious about because it is always there? 😉

On that note, may your New Year be one filled with happy trips down the rabbit hole, Wikipedia or otherwise, and the benefits of curiosity!

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