Day 124 – New Year’ Resolutions, follow up

This morning I got around to reading an article about change management that appeared in Saturday’s paper. I would have said change management, including the related topic of changing habits, was something I know a lot about. This article reminded me of something that had gotten buried under all the more sophisticated stuff, namely that the German-American psychologist, Kurt Lewin, prescribed a simple (although not necessarily easy) process of change. The change, he said, must become the routine, and it does so by following a three-stage pattern: unfreezing, the change itself, freezing (apparently not “re-freezing” as I originally learned).

In my quest to encounter what comes in everyday life with more curiosity, this means I (would) need to keep practicing until my common reaction of closing up becomes one of suspending judgment and exploring. This is certainly what I’m trying to do with my Inquiry practice.

Sadly, the article did not say how long it takes, although the estimate of three weeks that is sometimes bandied about seems only possible for a change superhero.

Ah, well. Onward!

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