Day 127 – Reminder to self

What kinds of curiosity have I identified so far?

  • Existential curiosity (like The River)
  • Mindful curiosity
  • Desire-to-learn curiosity
  • Interpersonal curiosity

What could I practice today on a day when I am so stressed out with a challenging new project I would most like to just go back to bed with a novel and a cup of tea and avoid the whole thing?

Just asking that question is helping me feel better. Mindful curiosity, I think, to calm down. Desire-to-learn curiosity to prepare for my telephone conference later today. Interpersonal curiosity for the call itself, I think. Not a day, apparently, for existential curiosity but rather for a bit more directiveness on my part.


One thought on “Day 127 – Reminder to self

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