Day 128 – Reminder to self, an update

So how did it go yesterday? Did actively reminding myself to practice curiosity help beyond the little lift already mentioned? Yes and no.

Once I had framed the prep for the telephone conference as desire-to-learn curiosity (the easiest form for me to practice) I found myself getting pleasantly wrapped up in the topics and enjoying the prep. 🙂

When I got on the phone though, practicing interpersonal curiosity pretty much flew out the window. The connection wasn’t great and I had missed an e-mail so spent most of the conversation trying to follow where we were on a very detailed plan I was seeing for the first time. Shall we describe that as pretty stressful?

On the plus side, I experienced being on the receiving end of compassionate curiosity, otherwise known as an open ear. A dear friend who reads my blog faithfully called to check on me after reading yesterday’s post and let me pour out my heart to her. Boy, does that help!


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