Day 134 – A 10-day challenge

I’m a little nervous as I write this, but in realizing yesterday that desire-to-learn curiosity is easy for me I realized that one aspect of curiosity I’ve been wanting to get better at for ages (hence my Inquiry journal, described on Day 026) is interpersonal curiosity. That is why I am entering as of today, Thursday, 12 January 2017, a ten-day interpersonal curiosity challenge–a kind of sprint in the marathon that is my Year of Living Curiously.  Through  Saturday, January 21, I am going to be focusing on practicing interpersonal curiosity and reporting on my success (or otherwise ;-)).

A reminder to myself from Day 030, I described interpersonal curiosity as follows: “This [kind of curiosity] is fundamental to the Ladder of Inference, Inquiry,  and any efforts to understand ourselves and other people more deeply.”

One thought on “Day 134 – A 10-day challenge

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