Day 135 – Not easy

I chose these ten days for this challenge for a reason. Next week I have a pretty intense workshop to run where I think interpersonal curiosity could be a big help.

Now that I’ve started, I can’t help thinking of a course I took in autogenic training (AGT—self-suggestion in a state of deep relaxation) where the instructor listed all kinds of amazing benefits the technique offered—greater health, happiness, success, and more or less everything you could want. She did warn us, however, that it doesn’t always work. She cited a time when she and her husband were building a house and AGT didn’t help. She tried to do her practice but just couldn’t get beyond the stress. It was so great it made it impossible for her to enter a state of relaxation.

I feel a little like that now so that when the dog-sitter called up to say she couldn’t after all take care of my dog next week (longish story behind this) I did not practice Inquiry or anything else. I basically lost it—in spite of the sticky note on my door reminding me in large letters “10-day interpersonal curiosity challenge”.

In the meantime, things have worked out. I have another dog-sitter lined up. Life can go on. I can pick myself up and try again.


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