Day 136 – Progress report

Yesterday evening I did a little better. I went to an information session for a training program I’m thinking of attending–rather like the one I went to on the first day of this blog, though somewhat less illustrious–and did practice interpersonal curiosity.

In the beginning I did caught myself closing down occasionally as people spoke. I can have a very critical voice in my head, especially in professional situations (“Oh, he’s just trying to sound important”). Doing this challenge, though, I find myself being very aware of that voice, which helps me suspend it (“Hush. I want to hear what this man has to say”). And then I took the next step and  got to asking the other attendees about themselves and opened myself up some. It was pleasant. It is also, for me, tiring. I’m aware I’m making an effort. But what is a challenge without some challenge to it?

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