Day 157 – Practicing Inquiry

Today I realized that I practiced Inquiry yesterday, quite naturally. I was having coffee with a friend and followed up on something she had written in an e-mail, namely that the human resource (HR) field is becoming ever more important. Now, I have heard this countless times before, but I was curious why she had written that.

After we’d chatted for a bit I asked, “What is it about HR that you see becoming ever more important?” And I learned something from her answer because she has different reasons from mine for believing that. She talked about motivation and about how much time we spend at work and that we should enjoy our work. She sees it as the responsibility of the HR department to make work as enjoyable as possible, also so that people are motivated to do a really good job.

I’ve been hanging out with a couple of management teams recently who are (slowly!) coming around to the point of view that HR is crucial, too. They see it as a strategic issue. You need good people to achieve your organizational goals, and HR makes that possible. It’s no longer just about administrative issues like payroll and legal aspects. It is about selection, training, and other forms of development.

It was refreshing to see someone looking for ways to make something that is such a large part of our lives pleasurable.

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