Day 163 – Really being open

In some ways–as my German-speaking friends could tell you–this blog is specifically about openness, a particular form of curiosity. (My definition of curiosity doesn’t really fit the definition of Neugierde, the German word offered in dictionaries as the equivalent of curiosity.) And suddenly my interest in the topic has become clearer. I realized in college (many, many years ago) how difficult true openness is and how, often, the people who speak most vociferously about being open are, in fact, quite intolerant. They have a tendency to write off anyone who sees the world differently from them, just as the rest of us do.

So what are we to do? How are we to get along with each other when there are so many different ways of seeing what is right or desireable? I continue to think that curiosity practiced about other people and other worldviews is one very powerful way. It’s just a lot easier in theory than in practice!


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