Day 164 – Social curiosity

I went to a birthday party yesterday evening where I knew no one but the hostess, for an introvert basically a good reason to stay home. 😉 It was a good opportunity to practice social curiosity, though. That is, asking people about themselves and trying to dig a little deeper. However, that offered some challenges. I got talking to a pharmacist who genuinely seemed to think my line of work is interesting and asked a lot of intelligent questions about it. How was I to reciprocate? I know next to nothing about being a pharmacist, am not sure what would be particularly interesting about it, and couldn’t think of any intelligent questions to ask. It seems you can have the intention of being, and even the desire to be, curious about other people and not know how to live it.

How do you get to the Vienna Philharmonic? Practice, practice, practice.

One thought on “Day 164 – Social curiosity

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