Day 182 – Halfway

Somehow half a year has passed since I started this blog on 1 September 2016. A lot about writing my daily posts has been important to me.

  • The daily discipline has been great. It hasn’t always been easy to post every day. Sometimes it wasn’t even easy to remember every day to post. Nonetheless, I am pleased that so far I have managed it and so am motivated to keep at it.
  • The knowledge that people are reading what I write. In fact, sometimes people even write or talk to me about what I have written, sometimes sending suggestions or making comments (or even sending books or CDs in response to something I’ve written :-)), sometimes just picking up on something going on in my life and checking in with me. That means a great deal to me.
  • It turns out that writing this blog is, as I hoped, helping me practice curiosity more consistently. It keeps the topic near the forefront of my mind where I can act on it more often. It’s not perfect, as we have seen, but it is definitely helping.
  • In some ways, this blog is also helping me be curious about curiosity in its different forms and practiced on different topics.

I am definitely looking forward to seeing what comes out of the next six months.

A huge thank you to my readers, especially those faithful ones who read more or less every day. I do not take that in any way for granted!


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