Day 183 – Curiosity about feelings

One thing I would like to do again is get back to doing exercises that involve curiosity.

Today I realized I hadn’t done the Exploring Feelings exercise for a long time, so I tried it again.

  • Am I feeling a positive or negative feeling right now? Answer: A little negative.
  • On a scale of -10 to +10 where would I put my feeling? (-10 is “Couldn’t feel worse” and +10 “Couldn’t feel better”) Answer: It’s a -1.
  • What name would I give this feeling? Answer: Slightly overwhelmed
  • How do I know that is what I am feeling? Answer: Adrenalin buzz and trouble concentrating.
  • Recapitulation, and with it a kind of acknowledgement, of the feelings involved. Recap: negative, -1, slightly overwhelmed, adrenalin buzz and trouble concentrating. OK. Let’s get on with life.

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