Day 184 – Interpersonal curiosity and listening

Yesterday I listened to someone with an open mind on a subject I see differently, on the refugee situation in Europe. (In other words, I practiced interpersonal curiosity.)

It’s not exactly that I disagree with what she said but that she said something so far removed from what I had heard or considered on the subject before that it was a leap for me. She comes from southeastern Europe, a part of the continent much closer to the action than Vienna, and her country has a long history of being dominated by the Ottoman Empire and others. This means she sees the influx of refugees from Muslim countries as much more threatening that I do, citing a centuries-long attempt on the part of Muslim countries to dominate or even topple Europe, the number of children Muslim families tend to have in comparison to native European families, and the sudden increase of refugees. She sees a deliberate plan behind this to finally succeed at dominating and perhaps even eradicating European culture.

From someone else (this is actually an important point) I probably wouldn’t take this seriously, but I’ve known the person for a long time and respect her intellect and emotional intelligence greatly. I feel I learned something by listening to her. I still don’t see the situation the way she does, but hearing what she had to say did broaden my perspective.


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