Day 185 – A panel discussion on the internet and the new feudal age

It’s hard to be curious when beyond a kind of fear there is a kind of distaste for a topic. Yesterday evening I went to a panel discussion called “The Return to Feudalism” which was about how the internet is in danger of turning us into serfs. The big tech companies (Amazon, Google, and Facebook were mentioned again and again) have turnover larger than a number of countries’ GDP and in addition have vast amounts of information about us that they use to generate income and shape the world, not always to our advantage. The discussion was almost two and a half hours long so I couldn’t possibly summarize it all. In addition, there were moments when I, in dismay at what was being said, tuned out. Dismay, fear, and distaste all certainly make it harder to practice curiosity. But at least I went and stayed for the whole thing. I guess I get some curiosity credit for that. 😉

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