Day 187 – Poo penance

Did that title stimulate your curiosity? That expression certainly brought me up short when a fellow dogwalker (and reader of this blog) mentioned that she was doing poo penance. I could half guess what she meant, but I really wasn’t at all sure why she felt she had to do it (even if it is Lent in Vienna), especially since she seems very conscientious anyway about cleaning up after her dogs. Apparently, she was cleaning up the poop from other people’s dogs, partly to make good use of the plastic bag and partly because she worries, as I do, that we will lose the right to walk in that particular park if people are so careless.

Good reasons and admirable indeed, but I may need to ask again why she feels she must do it as a penance. My curiosity didn’t get me quite that far.

2 thoughts on “ Day 187 – Poo penance

  1. ecbinvienna Post author

    Your admirable fellow dog walker in the park is clearly taking her Lenten discipline of doing penance for her sins beyond just saying a number of Hail Marys.



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