Day 189 – Suspending judgment

I did something yesterday I almost never do. I bought a slice of pizza off a street vendor and sat down on a bench in the pedestrian zone of one of Vienna’s biggest shopping districts to eat my lunch. And then I people watched, which is, as most people know, a great way to pass the time and practice curiosity. One way to practice curiosity in that situation is to ponder what people’s stories might be. In this case, I did what I wrote about yesterday–I suspended judgment and tried to see people just as they were. Massive tattoos? OK, tattoos on their arms, face, and throat. (It was still a bit cold so I couldn’t see anything else.) Looking as if they were intent on single-handedly rescuing free-market capitalism? OK, carrying five large shopping bags. Crotch of their trous down to their knees? OK, crotch of their trous down to their knees. And so on. I enjoyed it. It certainly was less tiring than getting worked up about what I found odd.


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