Day 191 – Daring a question

Today I was able to check curiosity practice off my list before breakfast. I was out with my dog and ran into another person out with her dog, Stella. Let’s call the lady “Frau Stella”, after her dog. (That’s the way it’s done in Vienna, where people like to guard their privacy. You don’t know the people’s names so you call them by their dog’s name.)

Herr Lucky (obviously not his name but rather his dog’s name) had told me that Frau Stella had founded a project in a small Lower Austrian city, helping youths. I was curious 😉 and so I broke the pattern of five years of dog-walking and asked her a question that went beyond the weather, her health, and Stella’s health. Well, it turned out that Herr Lucky had got it all wrong and that, as part of her job, she is organizing a symposium in this small Lower Austrian city. It was a most interesting conversation, nonetheless, and all because I dared a question I wouldn’t normally ask. 🙂

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