Day 196 – Really enjoying the journey

This morning walking my dog I realized how often I just try to get through things: get through the walk to have breakfast and start the day, get through work for the day to sit on the sofa and relax, get through a journey in order to arrive and to get on with the next thing. This is not a new realization—in fact, I have written about it here—but then very few of the insights that come to me as I write this blog are entirely new. They simply get more attention now because I write about them—and, this is important, post about them. Knowing that other people will be reading what I write gives a weight to it, a kind of accountability in some cases, that just writing it in my journal doesn’t.

So, once again the question poses itself: How can I move through life paying more attention to each moment, meeting each moment with greater curiosity and openness? What is it going to take so that I can finally do this more regularly?

Answers to come—I hope.


One thought on “Day 196 – Really enjoying the journey

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