Day 199 – Enjoying the journey, a song recital

Wednesday evening was a good chance to practice curiosity and enjoy the journey. I went to a song recital given by Patricia Petibon, a French soprano with a deserved reputation for being very (sometimes too) colorful. This will give you some idea, although it is pretty tame for Petibon. It was the best I could find without going too far down the YouTube rabbit hole.

Factors that made it the perfect practicing ground for an intentional journey of curiosity:

  • Her colorful presentation of the songs
  • Not having a program with song texts so not always knowing what she was singing or singing about
  • Being, myself, a purist who likes the focus in a song recital to be pretty much solely on the music and voice

I did really well staying with it and staying open, in spite of the above-mentioned points. There were a couple of places where it was too over the top for my taste. I acknowledged that and then just sat and watched (and listened) and waited.


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