Day 200 – Enjoying the journey, a neighborhood festival

It was a journey I didn’t enjoy, and it was therefore very short. 😉

There is a building near me that was converted to provide accommodation for refugee families. The residents put on an open house yesterday to celebrate the coming of spring. At least that was the occasion named on the invitation. For a spring festival it was one of the more joyless things I’ve been to recently. The atmosphere, I’m sure, was not helped by the rain. Probably the festival would have been held in the rather nice courtyard if the weather had been good.

Instead it was held in the big communal room they have on the fourth floor. Said room was overheated, damp with steam from the various dishes being offered, crowded with people, and reverberating with the shouts of children. On top of which, the available chairs (too few for everyone there) were set up in rows facing away from the door so that when I entered all I could see were people’s backs. There was no one greeting new arrivals and there was, as mentioned, very little room.

I decided that just showing up to see what it was like was enough curiosity practice for the day and went off to the supermarket to get some food for the weekend. Feel free to call me a curiosity wimp. I would still make the same decision again.

2 thoughts on “Day 200 – Enjoying the journey, a neighborhood festival

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