Day 202 – Enjoying the journey, writing

On Day 197 I mentioned that I quite naturally practice curiosity when writing. What is it about writing that makes it easy for me to do that? One thing is that at my stage in life I hardly ever have to write about a particular topic. Certainly my blogs are very open-ended. I write about what takes my fancy. Not having an expected or required outcome helps a lot.

I also have been writing regularly for a very long time so I feel comfortable doing it. In fact, I may have even reached the 10,000 hours assumed necessary for mastery. I love the search for a particular word, the one word that feels right to me. I can easily go down the reference work rabbit hole (thesauruses, dictionaries, even encyclopedias) when I have the time. This is closely tied to desire-to-learn curiosity, I’m sure.

On top of that, I simply feel that writing is an inherently worthwhile use of my time. It doesn’t matter much to me what comes out. A lot of what I write never sees the light of day. I simply like the feeling of using my brain and putting words to paper. And I’m aware that I think better with a pen or pencil in my hand. For this reason, when I have the time to write, I don’t put myself under any pressure to finish at a certain point. I write until I’ve reached a point where I feel like stopping. That helps, too. Obviously, when I don’t have the time,  it is a different story and curiosity can be an innocent casualty of the circumstances.

Tomorrow I’ll consider why I often find it easy to practice curiosity when walking in wild (but not too wild) places. Where is this all leading? I’m planning to do a summary of these posts to try and tickle out some useful ideas for intentionally enjoying the journey more.

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