Day 203 – Enjoying the journey, walking

What makes it easy for me to enjoy the journey when walking in wild (but not too wild) places? Usually, I choose to do it; no one makes me. I feel up to the challenge. There is always something to see or hear or smell. I don’t have to try to hard to pay attention. And it is something I naturally enjoy. Even when I was 11 or 12 years old I used to take off on a Sunday afternoon (in those days it was on a bike) and ride around for a few hours just for the fun of it.

From the posts of the last few days one answer stands out to me and it doesn’t bode well for the part of my hypothesis that says curiosity could help in reducing my stress. One thing my answers of the last few days have in common is that it is easiest for me to practice curiosity and enjoy the journey when there is little to no stress and I have a lot of choice as to whether I do something. So I am back to the realization that practicing curiosity probably would help me feel less stressed, but it is precisely when I am feeling stressed that I find it really hard to practice curiosity.

At least I have 162 more days to work on that. Actually, I suppose, I have 162 more days to work on that and write about it here. I have the  rest of my life to work on it! 😉


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