Day 204 – Enjoying the journey, certain kinds of trips

Some trips that made it easy to enjoy the journey:

  • What I call my “almost honeymoon” with my former partner. We were madly in love, in Italy in the summer, with no fixed plans. He knew exactly where to go because he had been traveling to Italy with his family practically from his birth. It was all new for me, except for Florence.
  • Business travel to Cairo a number of years ago now. I was fascinated by Egyptian history in school and toyed for several years with the idea of becoming an archaeologist because of that. This meant that it was simply amazing to see artifacts and sites I had only read about before. I still remember looking out the plane window, seeing a river below me, and realizing with a jolt and a shiver that it was the Nile. The project was very challenging but the people were lovely and we were well taken care of. For example, we had a driver who took us to the seminar center every day and then back to the hotel. If I had had to drive in Cairo, first of all, I probably wouldn’t be here to tell you about it and, second of all, I would not have enjoyed the journey, but we all felt absolutely safe with Samir in spite of the traffic chaos going on around us.

Some general lessons about enjoying the journey in this case:

  • I find it easier to enjoy the journey if I am in the hands of a driver who knows what he or she is doing. 😉
  • Travel to places I am interested in is a natural opportunity to practice curiosity. I have enough background information to know what I am looking at but I look in awe because I am there in person.
  • Being madly in love can be a very advantageous state for practicing curiosity. I find myself being open to things I might not be open to otherwise. In this case, even two nights in a tent (did I mention that we didn’t plan any part of our trip? ;-)) didn’t kill the curiosity and joy.

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