Day 218 – Existential curiosity, long time no see

Existential curiosity is in some ways the hardest for me to practice. I can’t help being aware of the fact that John O’Donohue (the author of the river quotation) was a priest. His job was to put his life in the hands of God and follow, and the Catholic church presumably made sure he didn’t go hungry. I have a different role. But I have nonetheless been practicing  a certain level of  existential or river curiosity. I have been working a piece at a time on what I wish to offer professionally, letting ideas come and also go. It’s not easy, because I would like to have some answers and a direction to start moving in, but it seems to be working and it seems to be delivering worthwhile results. So I continue to sit in my boat on the river, not the river itself but letting myself be carried along by the currents as its course unfolds.

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