Day 225 – Another 10-day challenge

This one is related to the 10-day challenge I did back in January. At that time I challenged myself to focus specifically on interpersonal curiosity for ten days in a row. What I think I meant to do in that context was to practice Inquiry, which I ended up not really doing.

As I’ve mentioned, I do faithfully practice Inquiry in writing by keeping an Inquiry journal. My ongoing frustration is that I don’t practice it in real conversations very often.  To see if I can finally make the jump from paper to real life, I have decided to put some pressure on and see if focusing specifically on that for ten days can help me. Starting tomorrow I will try to practice Inquiry every day and post about my experiences until April 23. (I think that’s ten days.)

Just an aside: I will try to do this as unobtrusively as possible. I don’t want the people I’m talking with to feel like unwilling participants in an experiment!

For background, here is a list of some of my early posts (with links) about Inquiry:

Day 019 About David Bohm

Day 022 On dialogue and Inquiry

Day 023 Inquiry, a definition

Day 024 The Ladder of Inference

Day 025 What Inquiry can do

Day 026 Sample of an Inquiry journal

About those “try tos”–if anyone quotes Yoda at me (“Do or do not. There is no try.”) I’ll probably burst into tears. After all, if I could just do this without trying I wouldn’t be writing this blog!


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