Day 233 – Assuming competence helps

The Inquiry challenge is not going as well as it could. I did wake up this morning, though, with a useful insight into yesterday’s experience.

I realized that one big thing helped me open myself up to curiosity about my friend’s business decision. I trust her. I ascribe great competence to her and so started with the assumption that the decision made sense, even though I didn’t understand it myself. As a consequence, my questions didn’t come out as though I thought she was crazy or wrong but rather showed that I fully accepted but really wanted to understand her reasoning.

It made me think of something I read, I think it was in The Inner Game of Music by Barry Green and W. Timothy Gallwey. Whoever it was suggested that when we are listening to music we find difficult, we should imagine that it was composed or is being played by a friend because we are more likely to open up to it in that case. Perhaps if I can approach conversations that way, I can enter into more of them with curiosity and practice Inquiry more often.

Will keep you posted.


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