Day 236 – Did I learn anything from the Inquiry Challenge?

I did learn something, even if I don’t feel I improved my live Inquiry skills.

Most importantly: Although focusing more specifically on Inquiry did not help me use the formal structure in conversations, it did help me recognize sooner when I was judging someone and shutting down, which enabled me to open up again to practice at least the mindset of Inquiry and curiosity. That is a better outcome, I think, than if I had perfected the structure of formal Inquiry but left out the mindset!

As almost an aside: I’ve started to think that although I love the Ladder of Inference it may not be the best teaching tool for the kinds of questions I’d like my students to ask when they disagree with others. On Day 231 I upended the structure and put the Data Selection step at the top. Seen as a Ladder that is perhaps not the image Chris Argyris, author of the model, wanted to convey. However, I might find it easier to work with and to teach the concepts if I represented it as an onion, where the speaker’s conclusion is the heart of the onion and the questions are designed to help us get through the layers to the core of someone’s worldview.

I need to think about this a bit.


One thought on “Day 236 – Did I learn anything from the Inquiry Challenge?

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