Day 239 – An day with lots of curious listening

I’ve done a lot of professional listening today. I think that has to count as enough curiosity practice for the day. First of all, I had a coaching session, where curiosity is practically a requirement. (For one thing, curiosity helps the coach wait to hear what the client has to say rather than jump in with advice.) Then I had a meeting with business partners. I did more talking there but also wanted to hear their suggestions for how to work together in the future so also did a fair amount of curious listening. And then I supported a colleague in making sense of some survey data, but since it is her project I tried to listen more than I spoke and worked to see things from her point of view.

My reward? A wine-tasting with other colleagues. I’ll probably do some curious listening there, too, but it won’t be professional listening and I won’t be writing about. 😉

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